Oct 2016 –

UbiquiOS Technology is expanding its’ IoT development kits by releasing a second option for developers to quickly prototype and test their solutions. 

This Texas Instruments enabled kit allows rapid development of products incorporating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology. It is supplied as an Arduino form-factor shield that can connect to a wide range of microcontroller development boards. Supported platforms include a range of ARM Cortex-M0, M0+, M3, and M4 mbed boards available from NXP, ST Microelectronics, Freescale, and other leading silicon vendors.

 The shield uses the Texas Instruments Wilink 8 transceiver module that provides both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart connectivity. The TI WL1837MOD module used on the shield is a certified module allowing developers to easily transition to commercialization on their project and speed their time to market.

 Pairing the TI Wilink 8 module with the ubiquiOS stack continues the leadership of UbiquiOS providing simple, cost effective edge to cloud wireless connectivity across the widest range of MCU, wireless, RTOS and cloud choices for IoT.


The ubiquiOS development kit is supplied complete with reference design material, and will be available from ubiquiOS distribution partners beginning in October. For more information, contact ubiquiOS sales.