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Ubiquios is a portable and compact collection of embedded protocol stacks, with support for a comprehensive range of wireless and network technologies. It allows you to choose the best technology for your application, and rapidly deliver a compact and secure product to market. Read about some of the key features below.

Wi‑Fi / IEEE 802.11

Ubiquios includes a modular and extensible Wi‑Fi stack with an efficient WPA supplicant, STA/AP management entities, and MAC/MLME functionality to easily support FullMAC or SoftMAC transceivers.


Ubiquios' low-footprint dual-mode Bluetooth stack supports Bluetooth Classic and LE use cases with HCI or integrated transceivers. It supports BLE GATT profiles in Central and Peripheral roles, and Bluetooth Mesh.

Cellular and LPWAN

Ubiquios makes it easy to include cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G modems, LTE Cat‑M and NB‑IoT, and other LPWAN technologies. Seamlessly integrate cellular and other IP bearers under the same protocol stack.

Mesh Networking

Ubiquios enables low-power short-range mesh networking using Bluetooth 5 Mesh. Proprietary long-range and outdoor mesh networks can be supported via other radio technologies.


Ubiquios' compact TCP/IP stack includes auxiliary protocols (DHCP, DNS, NTP, etc) and industry-standard security (TLS/OCSP). Ubiquios also supports key zero-conf enablers Bonjour and UPnP.

AWS and Azure Cloud

Ubiquios provides secure connectivity to the cloud via HTTP and MQTT. Integrated cloud agents make it simple to connect your device to public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure IoT Hub, and IBM Cloud.

Who is it built for?

Ubiquios is used and loved by transceiver silicon and IP vendors, system integrators, ODMs, OEMs, and product developers. Read on to learn more about how our technology is helping innovative companies deliver wireless solutions to market faster and cheaper than ever.

Silicon and IP vendors

With internal support/development bandwidth focused on their Tier 1 customers, innovative silicon and IP vendors leverage our compact footprint and portability to save money and accelerate their time to market for highly-integrated IoT solutions.

With Ubiquios' flexible licensing and pricing models they satisfy their sometimes-divergent customer needs and drive additional silicon sales volume with minimal fuss.

System integrators and ODMs

By using Ubiquios, smart system integrators and ODMs build platforms that allow them to maximise reuse and deliver rapidly on customers' diverse needs as they arise, with a robust and supported connectivity stack.

Using Ubiquios as the abstraction for their connectivity allows them to take a building block approach to combining transceivers, MCUs, and other application-specific logic and software modules.

Product developers and OEMs

Great product developers focus on differentiating their products through its design and user features, rather than sinking precious engineering resources reinventing the wheel on connectivity.

Ubiquios provides them with a turn-key solution for their wireless connectivity needs, with broad support for transceiver silicon and modules from market leaders such as Cypress, Murata, Laird, TI, and Qualcomm.

Why choose Ubiquios?

Whether you're embarking on development of an consumer wireless product, or building highly integrated silicon solutions for mass market application, Ubiquios can help you succeed! Here are some reasons why Ubiquios is a great choice for your connectivity project...

Full-stack Solution

Ubiquios provides every layer you need between radio and application, including blocks such as Bluetooth L2CAP, RFCOMM and GATT, Wi‑Fi SoftMAC and WPA supplicant, TCP/IP, TLS, MQTT, and AWS, Azure and other cloud agents.

Compact Footprint

Ubiquios is built from the ground up for minimum Flash/RAM footprint. Complete IoT solutions including SoftMAC Wi‑Fi, TCP/IP, TLS, and MQTT can be deployed in less than 128 kB Flash and 32 kB RAM.

Bare Metal or RTOS

Ubiquios protocol stacks can run on bare metal for low-footprint, low-power applications, or easily integrate into common embedded RTOS platforms such as FreeRTOS, Arm Mbed OS, ThreadX, or Wind River VxWorks.

Broad MCU Support

Ubiquios was designed and optimised for 32-bit microcontrollers including Arm Cortex-M, RISC-V, and MIPS/PIC32, but has been deployed on a wide range of open or proprietary 32-bit and 16-bit cores - including some peculiar ones!

Simple, Powerful APIs

Ubiquios makes the common case easy, and the complex case possible. Our APIs are clean and well-documented, and make it easy to implement robust, low-power connectivity with minimum development effort.

Robust Security

Ubiquios has compact implementations of industry-leading security protocols including WPA-Enterprise and TLS (with OCSP), including support for private key offload to hardware secure elements or other trusted modules.

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